Wet Wells

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises has manufactured Fiberglass (FRP) wet wells/sumps for lift stations and various other applications since 1975.  Our basins are built to meet ASTM D-3753-05E1 standard, the latest ASTM standard for FRP wet wells.  At AFE, we use chop-hoop winding methods which absolutely no fillers, such as silica sand, cotton seed bi-products or any other filler.  This maximizes the strength and quality of our wet wells by providing resin and glass only construction.  AFE wet wells are pigmented white throughout the laminate to provide UV protection.

    • Valve Vaults
    • Lift Station
    • Basins
    • Rehab Liners

AFE fabricates our hoop-wound fiberglass wet wells and sumps in sizes from 30” diameter to 144” diameter, and depths to 40″. All have heavily reinforced bottoms, hold down rings and open flanged tops. They are engineered to withstand ground water and soil pressures.


Associated Fiberglass Enterprises offers liners for easy rehabilitation of existing manholes/wet wells.  Typically liners are fabricated at a diameter of 6” less than the existing manhole/wet well, to allow the annular space between the liner and existing structure to be filled with flowable fill or concrete to provide a permanent times saving solution, without the need for total excavation of the damaged structure. EZ liners for rehabilitation of existing lift stations are offered in 42” – 144” diameter and depths from 3’ – 40’.


Associated Fiberglass Enterprises manufactures various sizes and types of square, rectangular or cylindrical valve vaults.  AFE valve vaults are structurally sound and designed for burial.  Custom sizes are available.