Tanks and Vessels

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises has been fabricating chop-hoop / filament wound FRP and corrosion resistant storage, process tanks and vessels since 1975.  The sizes range from 2 foot diameter to 12 foot diameter at various heights and lengths.  Vessels are built to ASTM D-3299 specifications. Resin choice based on chemical environment. The most common uses for our tanks and vessels include: storage, process, flat panels/corrosion barriers, and repairs.

Most conventional configurations are available including:

  • vertical cylindrical sidewalls
  • domed, flat, or open tops
  • flat, dished, or cone bottoms
  • horizontal, domed ends, on saddles
  • rectangular, flat bottoms, open or covered tops


Vertical cylindrical sidewalls. Domed, flat or open tops. Flat, dished or cone bottoms. With horizontal, domed ends on saddles. Rectangular, flat bottoms, open or covered tops. Cone bottomed fiberglass tanks on steel stands engineered to resist seismic zone 4 earthquake forces. Custom rectangular tanks for corrosive applications.


AFE makes atmospheric pressure vessels for scrubbers, dechlorinators and other specialized services.


Large diameter hoop-wound pipe and duct-work along with hand built transition ducts are available for air and fume handling service.

Available Accessories

  • Bottom styles include flat, domed with skirt or steel stand, sloped, and conical with skirt or steel stand
  • Ladder, handrails
  • Pipe supports
  • Equipment Covers