Architectural Products

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises has been manufacturing architectural products for decades.  Beginning in 1959, AFE pioneered the development of fiberglass steeples. AFE’s architectural products have been installed in all fifty states and overseas. They have successfully weathered the extremes of Alaska’s winters, Arizona’s summers and the fury of coastal hurricanes.

AFE has been the choice of architects for engineered fiberglass products such as:

  • cornice
  • cupolas
  • dormers
  • column covers—non-structural interior/exterior
  • domes
  • steeples
  • facades
  • sound diffuser panels
  • decorative ornaments
  • barrel ceilings: 3 foot – 12 foot wide (by various lengths)
  • Restoration — we have been involved in several high-profile architectural projects.

The wide and growing popularity of using fiberglass for architectural products lies in these major factors:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy assembly
  • Stress/Crack Resistant
  • Saves construction costs
  • Saves labor costs

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Barrel Ceilings & Sound Diffusers

Column Covers

Cupolas and Steeples

Domes (interior and exterior) and Spheres