Barrel Ceilings & Sound Diffusers

Fiberglass Sound Diffuser Ceiling panelsFiberglass Sound Diffusers Ceiling Panel—Inverted Offset Pyramid Type

Fiberglass Sound Diffuser Ceiling Panels are designed to improve the acoustical environment in band rooms, theaters, auditoriums, and convention halls. These lightweight modular units install quickly on a standard suspended ceiling grid system to produce an architecturally attractive appearance. They are factory pre-finished in an aesthetic off-white color with a slight orange-peel texture, or can be ordered ready for a painting at the jobsite. They carry a Class 1 fire rating.FRP Sound Diffuser Ceiling Panels



The sound absorption coefficients at the following one-third center band frequencies are:

125 Hz .64
250 Hz .18
500 Hz .13
1000 Hz .04
2000 Hz .10
4000 Hz .04