Company History

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises_Golf BallAssociated Fiberglass Enterprises (AFE) was founded in 1959 to manufacture pleasure boats, but, in the early sixties, the company added to its product line by making one of the first fiberglass baptistries ever built. The demand for related architectural items soon led to design and fabrication of fiberglass steeples, cupolas, domes, cornice and columns. AFE soon became a leader in fabricating large custom fiberglass steeples – some of which tower over seventy feet tall. Units have been erected in all fifty states, Canada and the Caribbean.

Associated Fiberglass Enterprises then expanded its position in the fiberglass industry by adding such products as automotive, aircraft components, pump floats, and billboard/other signage items.  In addition, AFE added a variety of creative items for water and recreation parks along with insulated shipping containers.

In 1976, AFE acquired a chop-hoop winding capability and began making tanks up to 12 feet in diameter for storage of corrosive liquids, potable water and other fluids. It also pioneered the development of fiberglass manholes, wet well liners and sumps for the water treatment and wastewater treatment industries.

The introduction of fiberglass shelter buildings for housing chlorine equipment marked another milestone for AFE’s efforts to service the corrosion industry. These insulated houses quickly made their way into water and waste water treatment facilities all over the United States.

Then in 1989, AFE began manufacturing products for the materials handling industry distribution centers across the nation.

Today, AFE occupies a 16,000 square foot design and manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas and employs over 40 office and production workers.